With products designed to make the most of your makerspace, MooreCo offers Hierarchy color coordination that is not only visually appealing and fun for students, but allows so much needed flexibility in your room layouts and designs.

Now you can create spaces and pods that are easily recognizable for their specific function and use. Hierarchy colors available on all Makerspace products that feature either a handle or a drawer pull; products ship with black handles and pulls by default, but it is a snap to swap them out with the color of your choice.

Makerspace 3D Printer Cart: uses 2 large and 1 small handle

Makerspace Mobile Tub Storage Carts: uses 1 large and 1 small handle

Makerspace VEX Robotics Storage Cart: uses 1 large and 2 small handles

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Available Options

SKU Description Dimensions Weight Price
91674-XXXX Makerspace Large Handle 3.25"H X 16.25"W X 2"D 2 Contact for Quote
91675-XXXX Makerspace Small Handle 1"H X 5.75"W X 1.25"D 1 Contact for Quote