New and modern Visionary Brass Finish Mounts add an extra chic element to any Visionary Magnetic Glass Board.

All Visionary boards come standard with stainless steel mounts in a silver finish, but now you can purchase a set of brass-toned mounts and elevate your environment with a subtle yet upscale appearance.

Coordinating easily with all of our available color options, you can also customize the color (and graphic printing) on your Visionary board for a look as on-trend as you desire. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Compatible with the following products:

Visionary Board White

Visionary Board Black

Visionary Hierarchy Boards


Available Options

SKU Description Dimensions Weight Price
B574V Brass Finish Mounts (set of 4) For Boards 47.24"H X 47.24"W And Smaller 2 $56.23
B574V6 Brass Finish Mounts (set of 6) For Boards 47.24"H X 70.87"W 2 $82.69
B574V8 Brass Finish Mounts (set of 8) For Boards 47.24"H X 94.49"W 2 $108.05